Manual die cutters remain a top choice for hobbyists. The truth is that you can never run out of options whenever you have one of these with you. Some top picks in this category include:

1. Cricut Cuttlebug

Cricut Cuttlebug is a cracking little machine which is also widely thought to be the best die cutting machines for beginners. As little as it seems, it actually houses a powerful system that allows you to cut and emboss shapes like a pro. On the flipside, though, it uses a manual rolling technology and that means you have to be willing to spend some energy cutting the dies.

Fortunately, this miniature machine is big on flexibility. In fact, it accommodates a wide variety of dies and can work on different crafting materials. Planning to travel soon? This machine can provide you with the best company all thanks to its compact profile (fold-n-store). What’s more, it has a pop-up handle that empowers you to take it anywhere with you, easily.

It’s easy to see why the Cuttlebugger has continued to dominate the under $100 market for so many years. Once you get it, you will stand to benefit from its small and portable size alongside ample cutting & embossing power. 


  • Small in size and highly portable
  •  Capable of embossing a wide variety of materials
  •  Delivers professional-looking results
  •  Compatible with most top dies and folders
  •  Can emboss leather, ribbon, foils and even tissue paper


  • Small in size and capacity
  • Uses relatively old technology